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Poets Corner Sept 2009


Spring is in the air in Australia, while autumn ochre graces the seasons in other parts of the world. As we breathe in the pollen-laden air, we are assaulted by the sweet sound of sneezing and wheezing and the calliope crashed to the ground ... well, at least in the words of that timeless classic "Blinded by the Light" which most of us know as being performed by Manfred Mann, but in truth, was originally written and performed by Bruce Springsteen. And I guess I’ve just shown how old I am :)


Commanding our Poets Corner for September is a fine example of poetic humour by Erik Rheinlander called "Claws, Fangs and Hunger Pangs". This poem is an excellent example of humour in poetry, while sticking to our theme of human failings in this frustratingly up and down year of 2009. I don't know about any of you, but after reading this, I'm very glad I don't deliver pizzas. Or dance with (hungry) wolves.



Claws, Fangs and Hunger Pangs


by Erik Rheinlander


Gathered round the tables

At the Big Bad Wolf Convention,
Sat wolves from all the fables;
The air was filled with tension..

The leader of the pack proclaimed,
"Let's change our reputation.
For evil we're unjustly blamed-
It's wolf discrimination.

They portray us as malicious
In all these works of fiction.
We're really not that vicious;
It's not a fair depiction.

We are the only mammal
They show commit bad deeds. 
When have they shown a camel
Who on small children feeds?

You'll never read of kangaroos
Who'll plunder, kill, and pillage.
Nor elephants, giraffes, and gnus 
Who terrorize a village.

To prove we're no barbarians
I've fashioned a solution.
We'll all be vegetarians
To end our persecution.

I ordered veggie pizza cuz
We've earned a little chow.
In fact I hear the doorbell buzz, 
That must be it right now.

Y'know, I think I've changed my mind,
Forget my little ploy.
Who gives a hoot if we're maligned. 
Let's eat the pizza boy."

Erik Rheinlander was born and bred on the Montana plains. He writes essays, short stories, and occasionally poems for several state and local publications.





It's nice to be back after the August break, and for those who were able to reap the benefits and get away from it all, I say "no need to rub it in!" For those, like me, stuck in the throes of the mundane, I sure hope you enjoyed Erik’s offering about how hard it can be to maintain good intentions in the throes of powerful hunger pangs. Oh, and let's be honest: Who (in the animal world) could be expected to refuse the tantalising smell of (the) pizza (boy) at the doorstep?