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Helpful Links

Each and every month, The Muse Marquee will showcase some interesting links to further your writing skill.
Editors of The Muse Marquee

Apollo's Lyre -
loaded with info: contests, writing articles, fiction and poetry to read, publication venues, agents, and more.

Belinda's Writing
Get jobs, markets, interviews and more when you
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Butterfly Quill
   A new writer's community containing articles, short stories, forums, free writing market classifieds, business & creative writing services, contests, events, freelance help, tips, news, prompts, book reviews, and more! Registration is free and includes two free blog accounts.
Call for Submissions, a new community for writers and avid readers, is seeking contributors to the site's Articles & Stories section.  We accept poetry, short stories, essays and first chapters, and are always looking for articles and editorials on the craft of writing and the business of freelancing.  Registration is free and members receive two free blog accounts.
Members are encouraged to promote their published works in our Book Lists section, and their websites in our Writing Links area.  The site also includes forums, free classifieds, convention and contest information, book reviews and more.  This is a great opportunity to mingle with other writers and lovers of literature while showing off your writing skills. 

Erica Miner has an amazing newsletter filled with goodies for writers. To find out more, link here:

FundsforWriters -
Four newsletters oozing with contests, markets, and especially...grants. All for career writers with a desire to succeed. We are your income specialist. 
Writing Tips, Success Techniques, and Valuable Resources to Transform Your Writing Career Into A Highly Paid, Profitable Adventure. Receive the E-Book  Power Queries When You Subscribe to Writing Etc., the Free E-mag for Serious Writers Who Want To Make Serious Money.

Marilyn Peake, author of The Fisherman's Son Trilogy, has started a Yahoo! Newsletter, "The Golden Goblet".  In her first issue, Marilyn
introduced herself and her books.  The second issue (August 2005) will feature Lea Schizas, author of the children's fantasy novel entitled The Rock of Realm, as well as the founder and co-founder of two sites listed among the Writer's Digest 101 Best Writing Sites of 2005.  To read Marilyn's newsletters and to sign up for "The Golden Goblet", please visit:

A new Australian site to muse your writing.

The Medina County Writers Organization

Novelspot, comprised of creators and consumers of all genres, is a collaborative of readers, writers, editors, publishers and others in the book industry. We are dedicated to providing a networking venue to meet the varied needs of those in the writer's marketplace.


For some reason, when a writer finishes his manuscript, the next stage is always frightening: THE QUERY LETTER. Here are some links to help you understand what goes into a query letter.

This is Charlotte Dillon’s page. She has a sample query letter. 

Alex Keegan makes some interesting points in this article.

Lynn Flewelling has a winning sample query and a paragraph by paragraph description of querying.
Here's a neat link to read about Query and Cover Letters.


  Above is a cool link with lots of good reading on writing and links.


                                    For the January 2006 premier issue, we're seeking 
                                    speculative fiction submissions.  We seek stories of the following 
                                      -   55 words (no more, no less) micro fiction. (If you don't think 
                                    it's possible to tell a tiny, anecdotal fiction tale in so few words, 
                                    send me a note and I'll send you a few examples.  By the way, jokes are 
                                    not acceptable submissions.  However, humorous speculative fiction is 
                                    always welcome.   We can send you some examples of humorous 55-word tales, 
                                    if you need examples.
                                      -  100 to 499-word micro fiction
                                      -  500 to 1,000 word flash fiction
                                      -  1,001 to 2,000 word short-short
                                      -  2,001 to 3,000 word short stories
                                      Speculative fiction consists of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and their 
                                    dozens of subgenres, such as urban fantasy, magical realism, and so on.  
                                      No fictional anecdotes please.  They are often interesting, but we're 
                                    seeking genre fiction only.  If you are unsure what a genre fiction 
                                    tale consists of, contact me, and I'll explain. 
                                        Please note in advance that I do thorough and tough critiques.  I 
                                    give highly detailed critiques for declined stories.  The purpose is to 
                                    make declined manuscripts more attractive to magazine editors.
                                      Guidelines are available at:    
                                      Send your subs directly to me at:

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