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Poets Corner July 2009

Hi there, in this fine month of July! Have to say the weather has improved a bit in Australia, but then I do enjoy rain as I can dry my washing electronically like most Americans, or - in truth - people who are sensible, in my opinion :) I have a mild hatred for my Hills Hoist as even in lockdown, it blows around like a galvanised cyclone and I am exhausted from wrestling with it. Ah well. Enough moanin' and groanin'. On to the topic at hand this month:


Our Poets Corner for July beats within the heart of a fine example of the joy and grief of love, called "You Whispered", penned  by Ray Taaffe. 


This poem fits our theme of romance beautifully, written with Ray's unique flair and flavour and I think you'll agree that his poem is a stirring journey; taking us through the beginning of love to the often inevitable, ending of it.


'You Whispered'


 by Ray Taaffe



Abiding glow in aftermath
I held your heart in bosom free
We beat a way, we laid our path
To plant a seed which grows now free

We loved in unison so well
Our budding star now twinkles bold
You tasted sweet as caramel
My beggars bowl was brimmed with gold

My lonely cries for sultry days
Then when we lay in grassy field
Of daffodils and sun-kissed haze
You whispered, "To my Knight I yield"

Our time together proved that dreams
Change far too fast from bliss to 'mare
Our sweetness turned so sour it seems
When lust we did no longer share

Upon command I left our war
But always will remember eyes
In waterfalls I mirrored saw
Once ecstasy turn to despise



Ray Taaffe is a British fella who jokingly describes himself as a "boring git who is broke, balding and overweight" and one whose literary journey was kick-started after reading "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes. Ray had never written anything prior to joining FanStory in 2007, where he currently enjoys a top ten poet ranking and writes under the handle "Domino".


As a reminder for all our readers out there, it's a holiday during August, so it won't be until September that I present to you another piece of poetic perfection. So until then I bid you a temporary adieu from Poets Corner and hope you enjoy Ray's soulful missive about how love brings such ecstasy when it comes, then grief when it leaves."