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January 2009 Poets Page

A celebration of poetry written by members and friends of the MuseItUp Club. Submissions are invited for this page.*



Winter’s Silver Veil


by Nancy Tufts




Whenever raindrops crystalize
  Stand by your windowsill

To watch the metamorphosis
That brings a sparkled frill
When wintry threads from icy looms
Bloom on the window pane
Their delicate and frosty touch
Create a petal vein

A lovely transformation to
Exquisite crystal art
As silver veils of liquid form
A maze of jewels impart

Designed in intricate motif
Ornate exclusive views
Are chiseled by perfection's hand
That bless the winter's muse

Quicksilver sprays of artistry
That blossom in the light
Are elusive crafted magic
Of opulent delight 




Nancy Tufts loves to be creative. Her heart always governs what she writes. The fact that she suffers from anxiety and depression drives her to find the smiles in life. She loves Nature--it's one of her favorite writing subjects. She believes poems don't belong to the poet who writes them, but belong to the people who read them. Her aim is to be a catalyst for the reader, wishing to ignite their special feelings and their own personal imagery. Her preference in writing is to always touch the reader in some way. She can be found on Fan Story under the name of Helvi2.





*Send poetry submissions to .

Please include the words “Muse Marquee Poetry Submission” in the subject line. Special themes for 2009 are nature, romance and human failings.


The Poets Page is edited by Les Stephenson.


January 2009.