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November 2008 Poets Page

A celebration of poetry written by members and friends of the MuseItUp Club. Submissions are invited for this page.*




My Chocolate Muse


by Chris Ivins



There is an empty hole inside where poems used to live
I wrote the last one days ago, and have no more to give
A topic, or a title; just some words to jog the mind!
M’brain is like a riot scene with no sense left to find!

I should just take it easy, take a nip, or two or three
But what I write might be a fright to everyone but me!
I can't explain this really - why my head is like a sieve
M’thoughts all run and jump in there, they bounce, gyrate, then leave

I bit m’lip, then chewed it, now a tooth has pierced the skin
My eye whites are like roadmaps, and m’temper's gettin' thin
I gurgle and I dribble, I am now no pretty sight
There's twitching going on as well, the left foot or the right

Some chocolate will allay my somewhat angry disposition
But forage in the pantry reaffirms my sad position
I feel a grumble start from down below my belly button
I must set off and try to find the sneaky, chocky glutton

I'm growling and there's beads of sweat a-formin' on me brow
Should anybody cross my path they'll run in fear right now
A roar escapes m’lips that are all mashed from being chewed
Me twitching body movements lend no end to this bad mood

Then, Hark! I hear an Angel whisper softly in my ear
She said, "You're chasing rainbows in a quagmire now, my dear,
You won't solve all your problems if you find who ate the choc,
The real cause of your anger is a case of writer's block"

"So come and sit, chant 'OM' with me and very soon you'll see
You'll feel so calm and peaceful, then angelic, just like me"
I sat and breathed, I counted sheep and chanted 'OM' a lot
The lack of words, my hunt for chocky thieves was soon forgot!

I floated on a silver cloud with many a heavenly body
Then God approached and handed me a lovely, steaming toddy
He said to me in booming voice:

And maybe now you'll wish you kept

supplies like Mrs Hubbard"

"Behind the
Milo, chips and cake, you'll find a little prize
It's wrapped in foil, I hid it there, a feast for your red eyes!
Verily, I say unto you, I can't stand looking down,
 to see behaviour like you showed!

You brought my brow a frown!" 

"If writing is so dear to you 
and chocolate comes as close
Please write a book, I left enough


Chris Ivins has lived in a small country town called Grenfell in New South Wales, Australia, for nearly four years, but was born in Sydney and lived there most of her life. She's 46, has two children and is married to an ex-sailor. She writes on with the handle 'alpacalady'. (She co-owns a herd of about 30 alpacas.) So far, nothing published in print media, but there will be one poem coming out in a book by Black Rose Writing towards the end of 2008. Chris is a country lass who enjoys writing."





*Send poetry submissions to .

Please include the words “Muse Marquee Poetry Submission” in the subject line. Special themes for 2008 are romance and human failings.


The Poets Page is edited by Les Stephenson.


November 2008