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October 2008 Poets Page

A celebration of poetry written by members and friends of the MuseItUp Club. Submissions are invited for this page.*



Inspired by Nature


by Nancy Tufts




I write from deep inside my heart, with words that touch my soul
Where every feathered, whispered sound becomes a written goal.
From the nectar in the honey that sugar coats my tongue
And all of nature's visuals I seem to be among.

A hummingbird that buzzes by revealing ruby throat.
A butterfly that lingers near and settles on my tote.
A bubble swept up by a breeze that has a rainbow's glow.
These are the things that make me scribe, the things I love and know.

The melodies of chirping birds, carillon's tinkling bells,
A xylophone of icicles that ring in winds that swell,
The artistry of snowflakes with their intricate design,
Wherever inclination leads I follow to incline.

I listen for spring peepers and the toads that trill in spring,
Then wait for summer's twilight nights, when crickets start to sing.
Soft trickles of a wayside brook, or sparkling silver falls.
It seems I just can't help myself. I have to write it all.

My scribbles come from sunset hues that melt into the sky,
Where twinkling stars and moonlight meet, and spirits seems to fly.
The sapphire blue of ocean waves, with edges crested white,
Are all the inspiration that I'll ever need to write.

I listen for a drop of rain, I see, I smell, I touch!
A raccoon coming down a tree, my ears are tuned for such.
The shooting stars,
's light, lush berries on a hill,
There's so much more that I could say and know I surely will,




Nancy Tufts loves to be creative. Photography and writing poems are two special loves. When she was about twelve she started scribbling poems for her parents. Nature and humorous poems are her personal favorites. Her joy is in making other people happy by painting beautiful or humorous pictures in words. Readers acclaim her work, saying her imagery draws them into the poem. Nancy writes from her heart about what she feels within, and when she finishes a poem she hopes readers feel it too. She is a regular contributor and contest winner at





*Send poetry submissions to .

Please include the words “Muse Marquee Poetry Submission” in the subject line. Special themes for 2008 are nature, romance and human failings.


The Poets Page is edited by Les Stephenson.


October 2008.