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October 2008 Flashers

Flash Fiction written by members and friends of the MuseItUp Club. Submissions are invited for this page.*



This month we present microfiction by Russel Chale.





"Of course, the company will provide counseling ..."

Rutland lost track of the words as his boss--ex-boss--maintained the sanctimonious chatter.
What will I tell my wife? he thought.

, are you listening ...?"

Ignoring the constant drone, Jacob turned and walked from the office.

"Hey, I'm not finished yet ..."

Jacob continued down the corridor and opened the doors to the forty-second floor balcony.


The insurance policy's been in place for thirty-five years. Jacob climbed over the safety rail. He'd always wanted to try skydiving.

Uh, oh. Was there a suicide exclusion clause?




The Winner

He sprawled on a sofa, gazing at the television. A spark of excitement buzzed his brain seconds before the door burst open.

“I’ll pay!” he screamed before the first blow hit.

“Too late. The boss warned you.” 

“Please listen! I can pay.” A heavy boot smashed his teeth as he writhed on the floor.

The thugs snatched a ticket from the sofa and scrawled a warning on the back for others: HE DIDN’T PAY HIS DEBTS.

A final kick to the head destroyed all memory of the ticket and his winning lottery numbers that had danced across the television screen.




Russel Chale is a figment of a writer’s imagination. The name is used by a busy entrepreneur to hide his true identity from those who wouldn’t believe it was him. He wasn’t born in New Zealand and has never starred in a Hollywood movie. Poetry attributed to this nom de plume appears on






*Send Flash Fiction submissions to .

Please include the words “Muse Marquee Flash Submission” in the subject line.


The Flashers page is edited by Les Stephenson.


October 2008