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September 2008 Poets Page


A celebration of poetry written by members and friends of the MuseItUp Club. Submissions are invited for this page.*



On Swindling a Suit


by T. C. Hill



I once detained a dilettante

(A man of privileged whim).

He walked on past with quite a jaunt,

And smelled of smoke and gin.


I said to him, “Good sir, a word,

If you would but indulge.”

He stopped and swayed and looked my way,

Slurring, “What might I divulge?”


“Your suit,” I said, “is the finest cut

That my eyes have ever seen.

It fits so nice, it seems so sleek, but

It looks a mite too clean.”


The dilettante’s eyes, so small and beady

Screwed a great deal tighter yet.

Then he wheezed out the query, rigid and reedy,

“Why should that be cause to fret?”


“No reason, sir, except this neighborhood

Which is dank, and dark, and seedy.

Anyone you chanced to pass here

Might just mug you ‘cause they’re greedy.”


The dilettante’s eyes went wide with fear

As he realized where he’d wandered.

“Please help me sir,” he slurred in my ear.

“I don’t wish my good suit squandered.”


“Calm down, good man, I have a plan,”

I responded with a smile.

“See that alley behind Ol’ Anne’s?

I’ll hide you there a while.”


The drunken dabbler fell to my side,

And we approached the darkened alley.

As the good Samaritan, the helpful guide,

I prepared my grand finale.


“What’s that I hear,” I asked my mark,

“Could those thugs be closing in?”

The dilettante froze, his fear was stark,

His fancy filled with gin.


I snapped my fingers. “I have it now! I’ll draw them off myself!

Just give me your clothes, I’ll run like hell,

And you’ll be safe here by yourself!”


So, soon I left in a brand new suit,

That dilettante’s delight,

And I strolled on down 5th avenue,

Now looking quite the sight.




T.C. Hill hails from the majestic city of Washington D.C. He served in the U.S. Army for several years before receiving an honorable discharge, and through his service was awarded The Army Achievement medal. He is currently Medically Retired from active duty with 80% disability and now keeps his mind occupied with writing books, short stories, and poetry. A portion of his work can be found on under the same name.





*Send poetry submissions to .

Please include the words “Muse Marquee Poetry Submission” in the subject line. Special themes for 2008 are romance and human failings.


The Poets Page is edited by Les Stephenson.