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July 2008 Flashers

Flash Fiction written by members and friends of the MuseItUp Club. Submissions are invited for this page.*




My Heart Belongs To Mary Anne


by Mary Miller



A glowing window illuminates Pine Hollow Drive. Two silhouettes gyrate in an odd, ritualistic dance. Harold Beckett is half of the passionate duo. The other half remains a mystery.


"No woman in her right mind would be attracted to Harold Beckett," whispers Gladys Klein to her neighbor, Maude Bailey. The women sit on Gladys' sofa, peeking through the blinds, attempting to catch a glimpse of strange Harold.


"Well, they say there's someone out there for everyone...including Harold. Although the woman would have to be blind and deaf," snickers Maude.


"Or his mother, God rest her soul," cackles Gladys.


The women almost spit out their coffee, giggling as they eye their next victim.


Harold's a simple man who keeps to himself. Avoidance behaviors, like sprinting down the drive and into his car, serve him well. If he's unfortunate enough to make eye contact with a neighbor he'll mutter an obligatory "hello." His career as a computer programmer is a perfect fit. He understands computers and the machines tolerate him. Partners of the flesh aren't so accommodating. He's lost when it comes to matters of the heart. His mother loved him, but that's the extent of his history with women. She lived with him until she lost her battle with cancer three years ago. Her room is a shrine. Harold continues to change the linens and her "Quiet Please" sign still hangs from the doorknob. He imagines his mother's away on a long errand. She might return and her room will be as she left it.


Life changed the day Mary Anne appeared on Harold's doorstep. Harold thought his heart might jump right out of his chest. He couldn't help but stare. Her long blond hair resembled golden wheat. He's always been a sucker for green eyes; Mary Anne's sparkled like emeralds. A hot surge pulsed through his genitals as he studied her taut physique. She made beauty seem effortless.


Harold didn't believe in love at first sight until he met Mary Anne. Fate intervened and showed him the light. Mary Anne gave him confidence. He wanted to try new things. He even danced the tango...but only for her.


Harold and Mary Anne are almost inseparable. Harold dreads leaving for work. Mary Anne stays at home. She hasn't worked a day in her life. Harold doesn't mind...taking care of Mary Anne gives life meaning.


Mary Anne contributes in her own way. She keeps in shape and is conscientious of her looks. She doesn't complain or interrupt when Harold tells her about his day at work. Mary Anne is adventurous yet submissive enough to let Harold take the lead. Explosive sex is guaranteed with the arsenal of positions Harold

learned from the book of Kama Sutra.


Happiness evades them when Harold notices a change in Mary Anne. Her joints are loose and sometimes she can't stand. It breaks his heart to see her this way. His hands tremble as he calls the specialist.


"Darling, promise me you'll come back. I'll be a wreck without you."


Harold can barely speak. His whimpers become moans. He wipes away the tears and does his best to comfort Mary Anne. She doesn't say a word.


The weeks without her are dreadful. Harold wanders around in a daze. He can't eat or sleep. He's convinced it's possible to die from a broken heart. His mood brightens when he hears Mary Anne's procedure went well. Her joints showed signs of deterioration but now she's as good as new. She's free to return home.


Harold can't contain his excitement. The knock at the door means Mary Anne's back home. He opens the door and sees her sitting on the front porch. She's heavy but he manages to pull her inside. Adrenaline pumping, he grabs the crowbar and pries the box open.


"Sweet Mary Anne," he gasps, pulling her from the wooden crate.


He holds her tight while rocking back and forth. She may be just a doll but she's real to Harold. A better companion doesn't exist. His girl loves him unconditionally, and best of all she keeps her promises.


"You came back."



Mary MIller, a stay-at-home mom, lives in a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism. She writes flash fiction, short stories, and is currently working on a children's picture book. In her free times she enjoys spending time with her family.







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Please include the words “Muse Marquee Flash Submission” in the subject line.


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