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Mother Hen's October 2007

In this month’s issue of Mother Hen’s Bin I’d like to pay tribute to a group of writers who may not get the proper kudos they deserve: REVIEWERS!


They spent time and care to read your books (well, most do!) and give you a proper review of your latest publication.


Below you will find some of the reviews from members of the MuseItUp Club who review for The Muse Book Reviews.


One last note before you head off to the links:


Writers should read reviews carefully because at times a reviewer is trying to help them, diplomatically without bashing, with various aspects of the book that may help them improve their writing for future works.


Garden City by Jamieson Wolf

Reviewed by Christine Speakman


In the Blood by Rick Reed

Reviewed by Lea Schizas


The Land of Heart’s Delight by Aletha Barrett May and Janis Susan May

Reviewed by Christine Speakman



The Blankenschipf Curse by Jim Murdock

Reviewed by Alice Berger

Dark fiction


In the Mood by Paul Hupton

Reviewed by Pamela Jenewein



A House of Ghosts by Jim Gilbert

Reviewed by Christine Speakman



Become a Children’s Writer: Insider Secrets by Jill McDougall

Reviewed by Susan Stephenson

How-to write for children ebook


Teeth by Marcus Damanda

Reviewed by Pamela Jenewein


Interview with Marcus Damanda

By Pamela Jenewein


Virtually Yours by Crystal Inman

Reviewed by Lea Schizas

Fantasy/Romance ebook


An American Hedge Fund by Timothy Sykes

Reviewed by Alice Berger



The Four Day Win by Martha Beck

Reviewed by Gene Berger



Wishing Makes It So by Marilyn Meredith

Reviewed by Katie Hines

Psychological Thriller/Horror


Ahora Hablo by M. H. Graham

Reviewed by Susan Stephenson




If you have a soon-to-be-released book or one published and interested in having a reviewer from the Muse Book Reviews read and review it, check out the REVIEWER CONTACT page.


Until next month,

Keep writing.

Be cheerful since we only have one life to live and might as well make the best of it.


Lea Schizas