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Mother Hens June 2007 Issue

Importance of Article Submissions to Data Banks


One way of promoting your website and product can be achieved for FREE.


Articles…one of the easiest ways to promote your website in order to generate traffic and increase your earnings.


How you ask?


Write articles relating to your website’s content and submit them to “free content” submission sites. Easy to do, takes little time and can increase your website traffic, sales and of course, your income.


How can article writing boost traffic and income?


When you submit your article to any of the article banks it will contain a link back to your website in the AUTHOR’S BIO section at the end of your article, often referred to as the Resource Box. All articles from these article banks have clauses that state articles may be picked up as long as its placed in its entirety, along with the author’s byline. Readers, after having read your article, can now easily link back to you, thus creating extra traffic for you. If you have published books or products for sale, you are now opening the door for possible future sales. The goal behind this is to direct the right traffic to your site, ones who are interested in your article that connects back to your site. It’s a good idea to continue the theme of your article somewhere in your site, or at least to offer links of interest to that topic, or other similar articles by you.


By placing your articles in these content sites you are giving yourself the opportunity to be picked up by webmasters who are searching for content for their own sites. So just imagine the possibilities for that one article to be placed and read by different readers, linkable back to you, in hundreds of various sites.


Now, add more articles and the total number of links back to your site increases substantially. Your status on search engines will increase due to the increased links your website has, upping your placement in the search results.


In brief, if you are a published author or a seller of a product, this added traffic to your site means the potential of added customers for you. Not everyone will buy naturally, but you may have planted a seed in them to come back in the future and purchase your offering.

(NOTE: It’s important to make sure your website attracts a reader/buyer/customer by offering them a reason to explore your site, a reason why they should bookmark it for future reference to come back and see what else you’ve put up there. So update your sites constantly. Be like James Patterson and offer a page-turning website.)


Sound impossible? Too easy? Well it is but you need to place your articles and allow them to be picked up by these seeking webmasters for content in their sites. Nothing placed, nothing gained.


There is little effort on your part but an enormous opportunity to display your writing and products. This is why many have turned to this form of promotion; the endless possibilities of exposure associated with it.


Write articles readers want to know about. Use your spare time and submit to article banks. Before you know it, you’ll have a surge of new visitors to your site. The benefits of this method of FREE promotion is right at your fingertips.


Recommended Resources



         The Top 10 SIMPLE Ways To Use ONE Article To Get Yourself Known- Great article to read

Lea Schizas

(Note: This is an excerpt from my upcoming new e-book,  "Marketing You and Your Site Using Articles"

Stay tuned for more information on my e-book when it's available)


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Wow, I couldn't believe the amazing stories that came in as contest entries. Kudos to all. However, the one story that surprised me at the end with its twist ending came to be the winner.

Susanne Shaphren with her entry, "The Key to My Heart", is the winner of Mother Hen's Contest. Enjoy her tale.

The Key to My Heart

by Susanne Shaphren

"Happy Anniversary, Ethan."

"Is it February already? It seems we just got finished with Thanksgiving and Christmas." 

"It does; doesn’t it?"

"Thea, forgive me. The old memory bank isn’t what it used to be. I forgot to get you something." 

"You are the most wonderful gift I ever received."

"That’s exactly what you said the day your father brought me home to you. He said you’d never leave your beloved books long enough to find a soul mate on your own. This ancient relic hasn’t forgotten everything." 

"Of course you haven’t. I’ll bet you remember the day you gave me this." The silver-haired woman lovingly fingered the gold necklace with dangling intertwined gold hearts."

"It was a Wednesday, cloudy and damp. Three weeks after Muffy ..." 

"After Muffy went to heaven where she could romp in the meadow and chase kitties instead of suffering."

"That was when I realized death wasn’t the worst thing that could happen. I gave you the key the same day. You didn’t lose it; did you?" 

"Of course not. I always keep it in my pocket. See."

Dorothea reached for the small silk purse, pulled out the intricately crafted key with what must have been Ethan’s name spelled out in almost impossible to decipher script on the back. Just like the Hebrew translation of his name, the key was strong and enduring. Just like Ethan had been for so many wonderful years. Just like their love would be for eternity.  

"It’s sunny and halfway decent out today. Would you like to go sit in the garden?"

"No, I creak loud enough to wake the dead when I move these days." 

"We could take you ..."

"NO! They always promise to make things better, but I’m never quite the same when they finish with me. I’m not going back to that dreadful place. Not ever. All those people in their sterile white uniforms treat you like you’re nothing more than a damn toaster oven!"  

"Ethan, I didn’t know you could swear!"

"Neither did I. Did you make an appointment to have your pacemaker/defibrillator debriefed?" 

"Not yet." Just a tiny white lie. She’d found a substitute for the Wednesday bridge club, gone to the doctor instead. The expensive cigarette lighter sized device implanted just under her left shoulder hadn’t helped one little bit. The pills she took every day, enough tablets and capsules to fill a drugstore, weren’t working either. No reason to burden Ethan with the cardiologist’s grim prognosis. He’d held her puffy hands, hands turning telltale purple from the lack of adequate circulation, and gently suggested Hospice care.

"Make the appointment today. It doesn’t seem to be working nearly as well as the cardiologist promised." 

"We probably expected too much."

"We expected what he promised ... that it would help your heart beat stronger so it could pump out the excess fluid and let you breathe easier. He even said it would help you build up stamina and walk greater distances without getting exhausted." 

"We’re a fine pair; aren’t we? Two Model-T’s, too old to run right, too ancient to be repaired."

"Have I remembered to tell you how much I love you?" 

"Only a dozen times a day, just like twelve perfect red velvet roses."

"I just wish ..." 

"I know, my love. I know exactly what you wish. Come. Let’s sit by the window, watch the sunset."

Dorothea kissed him one last time, reached into her pocket.

Ethan leaned over to help her shaky hands unbutton his shirt and position the key.  

"Just turn it clockwise until you hear a click."

"Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. You’ve always had the key to my heart." Dorothea gently removed the key and traced her fingers over the intricate script, suddenly realized it didn’t spell Ethan after all. Enosh. She’d heard that name a long, long time ago. Too long ago to remember what it meant in Hebrew.  

Dorothea reached into the drawer and retrieved the magnet, passed it over her chest to deactivate the pacemaker/defibrillator, waited for the bottle of sleeping pills to stop her heart, prayed that there would be a place in heaven for Ethan. The robot had truly been the most wonderful gift her father had ever given her.

As she closed her eyes for the last time, Dorothea remembered that Enosh meant human being.