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July 2007 Poets

A celebration of poetry written by members and friends of the MuseItUp Club. Submissions are invited for this page.*




by   Alan M. Toback



The emptiness inside of me
Lay quiet, cold and still
Awash with hollow hunger
Longing to be filled


Afraid to feel a lover's touch
For fear my heart would break
With trembling hands, I only looked
At what I dare not take

Fulfillment’s just outside my grasp
Like a wisp upon the wind
Dancing past my fingertips
To mock me once again

Giving up my deepest dreams
I let them fade away
No dreams to dream, no hopes ahead
Just live on day to day

Then a hand slipped softly over mine
A voice spoke in my ear
Whispering thoughts of dreams fulfilled
The soul had longed to hear

As if a rose began to bloom
Its petals opened wide
Awakening to passion
Long hidden deep inside

Her gentle touch, my lover's hand
Pierced deep within my soul
Filling up the emptiness
Till at last, my heart was whole




Alan M. Toback  2006

*Send poetry submissions to .

Please include the words “Muse Marquee Poetry Submission” in the subject line. Special themes for the next months are nature and animals.


The Poets Page is edited by Les Stephenson.