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March 2007 Flashers




Flash Fiction written by members and friends of the MuseItUp Club. Submissions are invited for this page.*




The Professional


by Sonny Eagle



John felt happy about the beard. He believed it helped him look anonymous in his work. He hated shaving and the beard kept reasonably tidy for a few days after a trim. “Not too bad,’ John whispered to himself as he looked away from the mirror.


The boss had a job for him to do a few streets away. One of the boys who checked the place out a month ago, said there were rich folks living there. Just last week Danny went by to have a look at it, but baulked because the owner was there with two big dogs in the yard. John hated dogs; he would like to shoot them all! They were an occupational hazard. He couldn’t walk around fences and down paths without being attacked by dogs. The boss said he mustn’t use a gun and almost killed him when he suggested poisoned baits.


 “Don’t draw attention to yourself or the organisation,” the boss had threatened.


John wore his dark glasses and kept to the shade, but people generally ignored him. He looked kind of commonplace, the ‘average Joe’ working man, you might say. Even his kitbag, which contained the tools of his trade, didn’t seem out of place.


At the address he’d been given, John moved with caution. He breathed deep to relax and concentrate. The boss expected results and the coast seemed to be clear.


Down the side of the house John went. No sign of the dogs Danny reported. Must be my lucky day, he thought. Nobody around and no sound of movement came from inside the house to distract him. John reached his goal, the power box, levered open the metal door and peered at the electricity meters. Only one was moving. He guessed it must be a refrigerator or something like that working on automatic.


John needed to finish the job fast and get out of there. The boss wanted him back by noon to settle accounts. He opened his kitbag and took out the PDA. Efficiently, from years of practice, he entered the numbers. It proved so easy. 


Danny must have freaked out at the sight of the dogs, John mused. Danny will never make a top meter reader.



  Sonny Eagle




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Please include the words “Muse Marquee Flash Submission” in the subject line.



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