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Eggplant Power by Ray Grant

Eggplant Power
Raymond Grant
“Hey! A little help! It’s going to be a homer,” cried the outfielder.  “Wow! Super catch! You play baseball?”
 Tryouts are on Tuesday.”
How did I do that? I’m the biggest twelve-year old klutz around. Maybe…it was because I ate Mom’s awful eggplant yesterday?
On Tuesday morning, he closed his eyes, held his nose, and ate eggplant. He ate eggplant before every practice and every game. He enjoyed playing first base.
“Jimmy, You’ve a call from the Governor!”
“Thanks, Dad…”
“Yes, sir…It’s an honor…this year’s outstanding ball player...I owe it all to my Mom’s cooking!”
Copyright 2006 by Tri Studio, LLC

Raymond Gogolewski

Flashes in the Pan, Fifty Short Stories for the Impatient by Raymond Grant
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