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Hurry and Move Your Butt by Lea Schizas

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Mother Hen's Bin - Editor - Lea Schizas
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Hurry and Move Your Butt

Well, well, what in heaven's name is Lea referring to!! Easy - move your butt and get writing.

It's the 28th of February, March first the Marquee was supposed to be published and here I was sitting on my 'butt' thinking what can I write about? Then it dawned on me, procrastination.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't procrastinate but do, at times, get 'lost' with all the writing committments I am involved with. But that is just an excuse for delaying my own writing.

How many of you dear readers have jumped to a site, checked out a publication venue or contest, and thought, "I'm going to enter this. It's perfect for my style of writing." Then time goes by, you go back on your TO DO notes and spot that 'ENTER CONTEST' reminder you had going on. Oops!! Too late...Again!!

That's the way I've been feeling lately. Always too late for this or too late for that. How can we snap ourselves out of this 'forgetful' atmosphere? By writing for that venue right away. By making a TO WRITE TODAY list and post-it on your computer screen before you go to bed to remind you of what you need to accomplish the next day. By making sure you tick off at least one item from that list. That is how you try and get 'off your butt'.

I mentioned Contests above for a reason. If you link to Apollo's Lyre,  then to our CONTESTS link, you'll note a whole year's worth of contests to enter. I am inviting you each to send me an email whenever you send something off or even if you are thinking of submitting to one of these contests. Why? Because I will be your 'behind the scenes' force to push and remind you to get a move on and finish off that submission before the contest deadline comes and go, that's why. I'll provide the gentle Mother Hen whipping we writers at times need to accomplish a task.

A note: before you submit to any publication or contest or agent, make sure you check one of the warning sites, like Writers Beware or Preditors and Editors, for any indication NOT to sub to them. At the time of placing these contests or publication venues, there may not have been a warning, but things change from one day to the other.

So, let's get you writing up a storm now.  Make sure to place at least one writing item in your TO WRITE TODAY list and accomplish it.  Here are some venues for you to submit to:

Avalon Books  

Publishes hardcover secular romances, mysteries, and westerns for the library market. Accept unagented material. Check guidelines.
Box 130596,
Edmond OK 73013-0001,
Contact: Carolyn Wall, fiction editor
Needs: Literary, genre, general fiction.
NO sci-fi/fantasy
Length 2000-4000 words.
Also publishes poetry and articles.
Send complete ms with SASE. Accepts simultaneous submissions if notified. No cover letter. Responds in 6-12 weeks.
Bleak House Books
Looking for well written mystery/crime/suspense and literary fiction.
LADYBUG Magazine
P.O. Box 300
Peru, IL 61354
Contact: Submissions Editor
Pays 25 per word; $25 minimum    All rights
LADYBUG, a magazine for young children ages 2 to 6,
published by Cricket Magazine Group. 


 Mysterical-E aims to present quality mystery --
hardboiled, softboiled, or anything in between. Cross genre work is welcome. Who says a werewolf can’t be a P.I.?

For submission guidelines, link to:  

Apollo's Lyre

We're always looking for more flash fiction, serial ink, writing articles, book reviews, fiction and poetry for our readers to enjoy. Just link to the CONTACT US page on Apollo's Lyre to submit to the right Editor.

The Muse Marquee

You guessed it. We are a writer's column/zine so we, too, are searching for flash fiction and writing articles to show off your talent.

And don't forget to link to Apollo's Lyre's CONTEST page for more venues to sub to.

Well, that's about it for me this month.  Don't forget to email me whenever you want that shadow behind you for an extra shove. I'm here for you.

Take care and keep on writing.


"I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry."
- Rita Rudner