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Marquee Mailbox

Welcome to The Marquee Mailbox. Here we will publish all emails/comments from our readers.
Remember, each Marquee Editor welcomes comments/suggestions/questions to their own email addy which can be found in MEET THE EDITORS or within their columns.
If you have found one or all of the Editors columns to have helped you in your writing, please feel free to email us and let us know. Sharing what worked for you may help another writer.
Thank you.

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Mailbox 3

She is da bomb! The entire Marquee is always 
so helpful and as well as entertaining. 
                                    just read the Muse Marquee December issue - great
                                    layout, an enjoyable read. --Glory
From Mother Hen's Bin on RESOLUTIONS:
I, too, had vowed not to make resolutions this year.  (I read an article recommending this.)  But your column reminded me that a person DOES need to have goals.  I like the idea of sending out once a month - that's very doable.  I'll do this in the short story department.
I'm doing a sort of NanNoWriMo in February, trying to complete a rewrite, then my goal is to send, umm, I don't know yet - a certain number of queries every two weeks.  Maybe 5?  That's in the novel department.
And I have a musical composition to work on.  When?  Ummm.....
Kaye George
Kaye, let me add that reasonable goals are usually met by all. The unrealistic ones are the ones that usually get sighs and disappointing feelings. And now that you mentioned your February goal, you can be sure I will be asking you how you did. :)  Good luck!  -Lea

aninew.gif Mother Hen's Bin response to her 'What If' exercise.
Hi Lea,
Here are the three things I see in front of me right now:
1. A box of Trix
2. My refrigerator
3. My husband
What if...the Trix rabbit popped out of the cereal box when I opened it.
What if...the Trix rabbit popped out of my refrigerator  (just kidding!)
What if...the food in my refrigerator tried to hide when I reached for it?
What if husband (ran away with the Trix rabbit that popped out of the cereal box hiding in my refrigerator?  Sorry, Lea, I must be in a goofy mood tonight!)
What husband told me we were going on an African safari tomorrow?
Marcia Berneger
Marcia, goofy mood or not, I kinda liked that one. Imagine what a humorous tale that would be, "Trix Rabbit Snares Woman's Man!" hehehe Hey, ideas come from anywhere and I am happy to see that the 'what if' factor brought you a few good ideas to work with.

Praise about Les Stephenson's column: Up From Down Under
The only thing I've actually read so far is the column on speech tags, but it was enough to get me to subscribe - loved it!  Need more!  --Kaye George

Kaye, thank you for taking the time to let us know how much you have enjoyed Les' column. I can assure you he has more goodies up his sleeve. --Lea

This is in response to one of Mother Hen's prompts: "Why I Write".
Hi Lea,

You ask why I write. I write because I have to: the words race through my mind, pounding to get out, allowing me no peace until I surrender to their demands to be captured on paper. Just as a child's mentality is, "I see it, I want it, and I want it NOW!" with me it's "I think it, I write it," the "NOW" part pulsating throughout my entire being until I find a journal (usually close at hand), a scrap of paper, an old Target receipt--anything will do in a pinch, and satisfy the latest compulsive urge to compose. Sitting in the bathroom, pencil and flashlight in hand at 3:00 in the morning is one sure sign of my obsession. Answering prompts from Muselings (this is the second one I've responded to from this issue, and it's only August 2) instead of cleaning the kitchen (okay, procrastination plays a part in that one) is another example. I think a true writer is compelled to get the words from his/her head to the paper.

Don't get me wrong, I love writing. It is one of the most intoxicating, satisfying, and truly pleasurable things I do. I write because I have to, but also because I want to.

Marcia B.

Marcia, you have the 'true-blue writer mojo' going on for you.  Kudos!  A true writer wants to write, has so many words and thoughts floating in there they need to pen them down before they forget them. I have spent many hours trying to hide from one of my five kids, penning ideas as they come to me. They always find me but I've managed to write at least a few down before the muse escapes me.

Keep penning and keep us posted of any good news to come your way. We would love to post your publication bragging. :)



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Candace Wiggins - Contributing Editor of Apollo's Lyre
Lea, I am very happy with the Marquee and with the work you and your staff have put into this. (Do you ever slow down? Like the Ancient Greeks believed about
women in general and some women in particular, you *must* be one of those "forces of nature".)

The Editors' columns are great to read; I find myself alternating between nodding my head in recognition or approval (what a little snob I am), then re-thinking a
"set in stone" philosophy, and discovering (to me, sort of, anyway) 'new' editors/writers I am only familiar with through the 'Boards'. The layout is
good, user-friendly.
Your site gave me new sites to go to and I am about to submit a recently finished short to yet another site.
Nice! Kudos to you all on another worthy contribution to the writing community.

Candace Wiggins
Thank you, Candace, for the compliments. We try very hard here at the Muse Marquee to offer our writers different angles to hone their writing. Each and every month brings a new flavouring to our subscribers and it's feedback like yours that fuels our spirits.

Hi Lox,

This is the first time I have ever written anything entirely in 2nd 
person. I had to go back and fix some of it, because I slipped into 
3rd person in spots. However, this does have more immediacy in 2nd 
person. Having a prompt was a challenge for me, because I always get 
my first sentence and write the rest of the story from that. Having 
to provide the 3rd sentence was different.

I am attaching the story to this email.  I have to commend you for  getting me to do this, since as I said it was really a double  challenge for me. I hope you like it. I wrote it for children,  because the story came to me. Actually, I would never have written  anything at all on this topic if not prompted. So thank you for  showing me that I can write on this topic.

Your column was very inspirational and I look forward to the next

Barbara Ehrentreu
Barbara, once again, thank you for taking the time to write to us. Lox's column, along with the other Editors, are very inspiring and educational. It's amazing how one writer never thinks of attempting another style apart from the one they write in now. I am thrilled to read you enjoyed this new point of view writing. Keep us informed on future writings from you and please feel free to submit to us anytime you want.

I want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your last two columns in the Muse Marquee. 

I’ve been writing for a while but haven’t had anything published to speak of.  I love reading mysteries so that’s what I’ve been trying to write, although lately I’ve been thinking this isn’t the right genre for me.  My Significant Other suggested Romance because he thinks my strongest writing is when I write about relationships. So, that’s what let me to read your columns in the first place.

After reading them, I’m more excited than I have been in a long time about writing.  Lately it’s been mostly angst. J 

Thanks, again, for your articles.  I look forward to the next ones.

Mary Schenten

Hi Mary and thank you for taking time to write to Ann Durand. All of us here at the Muse Marquee welcome emails letting us know how our columns are helping each of our subscribers. Please feel free to email Ann with perhaps a short sub of your own to place in a future issue of The Muse Marquee.


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BARBARA EHRENTREU - Author of a children's story published in Story Station 
"I started reading the Muse Marquee because Robert is the leader of  our message board, RealWritingTeachers. So I read your column and you 
inspired me to write a flash story."
"I liked the idea of having a prompt to write a flash piece. Writing flash is so different from writing other things, because you need to have a specific incident or just a few scenes. I liked the discipline of keeping to under a 1000 words. If you knew my writing you would understand how hard that is usually for me. Thank you again for taking the time to critique my work.
Barbara, we thank you for taking the time and contacting Chick. In July's issue, Chick Lang will tackle "In The Flashy Beginning" , a very informative column on writing catchy beginnings.

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Your site looks terrific, and the inaugural issue looks very interesting even though I have just skimmed it.  My question is with a paid subscription do I get the ezine in a pdf file that I could choose to keep for future reference, and archive?

Thank you for writing to us, Lynn. No, The Muse Marquee will not be in a PDF file but our subscribers will have access to our archives each and every month so there is no need to store and waste space on your hard drive. Our July issue is almost ready and the Editors have done another magnificent job supplying writers with tons of info.


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Lea, the Muse Marquee looks fantastic. I especially like the way each section has its own color. Absolutely loved the Muselings column. Susan's opener "Well, you're not a pineapple, are you?" made me laugh out loud. All the other content is very good quality also. I'm sure you'll get a lot of subscriptions.

Mridu Khullar

Thank you, Mridu. And I agree, Susan's opener gave me a chuckle, too. The Editors are working hard right now with the second issue already. Thank you for taking the time to write to us.
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Kristie Leigh Maguire - Publisher of STAR PUBLISH - wrote:

You have put together a first class zine here, Lea, one that Star Publish is proud to sponsor. Each column looks great, each one is uniquely different, and I love that each one has its own theme.
Lea Schizas - Founder of The Muse Marquee:
Kristie, on behalf of the Editors of The Muse Marquee, we want to thank you for your comments on the sneak peek we gave you this week of our column/zine. And also for sponsoring us even though you had no clue as to our direction for this zine.
Thank you.
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Rev.Marie Davies-Director of Chaplains - The Maryland State Police - wrote

What a wonderful e-zine! This will take me a week to get through all the articles and information. I already found a contest I want to enter on the contest and markets page.

And what I look for in my own writing when editing is missed prepositions and contractions.

Marie, thank you for your kind words. The Muse Marquee has alot to offer to our subscribers in the months to come. Keep reading and please keep sending us feedback. We depend on our subscribers to fine tune The Muse Marquee.

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The Muse Marquee is sponsored by STAR PUBLISH