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Poets Page JULY 2006

Here you will find not only our current Poets and their poems but our Poetry Archives to read past issues. Enjoy!



Sharon Landis

Kathleen Bullock

Susan Stephenson

Alan M. Toback



A celebration of poetry written by members and friends of the MuseItUp Club. Submissions are invited for this page.*



Monsters Inside


“Beware of him, momma warns.

Don’t like the way he stares;

Don’t like his looks.

He lives in a trailer by himself.

Walk far away from him and his dark trailer.”


The girl cries silently. She wants to

say “Mr. Old Neighbor is not the one to fear. 

The one to fear is not on the outside;

he is right here, on the inside.

The one I fear sleeps with you every night.”


The girl doesn’t speak.  She doesn’t break

her momma’s heart.  Or expose her shame. 

She protects with silence.

But silence is never content.  Silence lurks in

the shadows, killing trust and wounding spirits. 


Sharon Landis


I Saw the Flame-burnished Wings

Translucent red where the sun shone through

Soaring over me, adrift upon the sea

A bit of jetsam on the dazzling waves of blue


And the wings of flame threw a shadow

To shield my parched skin from the killing sun

Promising me another paradise

Where unfettered paeans are sung


I release myself and rise with the flame-bird

The span of my feathered wings grows wide

Don’t look at the bobbing shell upon the water

Rejoice and embrace the universe inside


Kathleen Bullock



Toy Boy


I’ve just bought a blow-up doll

And I can tell you why:

Because with an inflatable man

You never have to try.


He smiles at you in your nightie,

He smiles at you in the nude,

He doesn’t notice cellulite,

Or think holey undies rude.


He loves all of your cooking,

And when you play guitar,

He doesn’t cover up his ears,

He accepts you as you are.


He only cost 100 quid

I think that that’s a steal.

Imagine how much a man would cost-

Not a boy toy, one that’s real.


But there is one tiny matter,

I feel that I should state-

He only lacks in one respect

To make a perfect mate. So…


I want batteries with my toy boy

And inflate his pecs real hard,

Then make him take the garbage out

And tidy up the yard!


2004 Susan Stephenson



A Work Of Heart

My soul beholds a miracle,
Simplicity so rare;
a pristine, exquisite work of heart,
with beauty beyond compare.
My heart is touched with tenderness,
from the look there in your eyes,
for through the window of your soul,
in where that tenderness lies.

Shining forth so openly,
like a beacon in the dark
Speaking so fluently to my soul,
creating this work of heart.
Just like the touch of an artist's brush,
with each delicate stroke of his hand
A beauty created deep there in his soul,
Pours forth from the heart of the man.

Each longing look, each tender touch,
Say more than mere words can impart
Speaking more eloquently to my soul,
In this simple work of heart.


  Alan M. Toback



* Send poetry submissions to

Please include the words “Muse Marquee Poetry Submission” in the subject line.