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June Contents 2006


Lea's Ranting Corner:
Ah! The first of June and what a great way to add two new sections to The Muse Marquee:  The Poet's Page and our Flash Fiction Corner. Our submissions are opened. Just link to our GUIDELINES page to send your subs to the right Editor.
I'll keep my corner short this month with just a few words on this month's rant and rave from me: Respect.
Respect comes in all sorts of forms; a simple thank you when a good deed or word has been offered your way, a notification to let you know your submission has not been accepted, an email to let you know I did recieve your information and will get back to you.  These items don't take alot of your time and shows the person on the other end of the line you care enough about them to let them know what's up.
I have sent out hundreds of invitations over the course this past month to fellow writing figures to come and participate in The Muse Online Writers Conference. Many of them did answer, yet so many more did not even acknowledge my forward emails in case the original went off to cyberspace. I don't get it.  Has life become too exhaustive for everyone to even reply nowadays?
Then it dawned on me: "Lea, you are an unknown to them, inviting them to this conference they have no idea will work or not."  If my thoughts are true, then it's a sad thing and I do feel sympathy for the ones I've emailed and recieved no response from them. They seem to forget it was the 'little' guys who helped get them into their publishing shoes in the first place and sometimes giving a little back will only further their 'fame' by showing they still care enough and remember how hard it was when first starting out as a writer.
So please remember to acknowledge emails as much as you can. When your big and famous, also remember everyone who supported you when you struggled in the beginning. You will be a better person for it.
As for them perhaps thinking whether or not The Muse Online Writers Conference will be a success or not, I can only say it is already just by the generous outpour of support Carolyn and I have recieved. The Presenters already on board will give it their all and that's all one can ask for. If you don't try, you'll never know.

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