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May Contents 2006



Lea's Tongue-Spill Corner:
Well, my rantings for the past two months wasn't for nothing. I had quite a few anonymous emails adding to my point that agents make you wait far too long just to give you a 'sorry, but we're not accepting any new clients at this time' response. At least my corner allowed these writers the opportunity to realize they are not the only ones who are getting the runaround.
But, I want to get off agents for a second but before I do I do want to add as an Editor I recieve countless of emails and 'please can you help me with this'  requests which I am happy to do but it takes time away from my other projects. I am mentioning this so any agent who reads my rants and may be offended, I want you to understand I do comprehend your workload. All we writers want is an honest and as quick of an answer as possible. When you exchange a couple of emails with us, posing questions for us to answer, then wait around two months to let us know you have enough clients, THIS is the area unacceptable to us. You didn't know two months ago?
Anyway...GREAT NEWS!!!!  What? What? What is she talking about?
Last year I began to turn the wheels in my head about another project to start but I had to wait it out and think it through. This year I happened to start a discussion with my Muse members about conferences and my intuition was right.
There are many writers out there who cannot afford to attend conferences for one reason or the other--too expensive, too far away, or possibly some sort of a disability forcing them to stay away.
Well, no more cos come October 9th - 13th 2006, the first ever Muse Online Writers Conference will take place. This promotional extravaganza has no boundaries--reaching across the globe.
Benefits?  FREE admittance (preregistration will be required in September, however)
                    FREE workshops with some of your favorite writing figures
                   FREE handouts to all attendees
                   FREE ebook compilation showcasing everyone involved in the conference plus other goodies within to please both Readers and Writers.
Bookmark this link:
and keep coming back every week cos I'll be updating all the new Presenters and Workshops to be showcased in The Muse Online Conference as more and more hop on board.
But with just the ones already in place, you'll note what an exciting event this will be of its kind.
To all my Writing friends reading this, if you'd like to present a workshop, you can email me at: for more information.
To all my Readers, make sure to mark the date of the Conference: October 9th -13th 2006. Come and meet some of your favorite authors, ask them questions, meet them via real-time chat or even attend one of their workshops.
This is going to be an amazing Conference for all!
It is being sponsored by the Writers of "The Muse on Writing" reference book and Carolyn Howard-Johnson's "Frugal" promotional book, brought to you by The MuseItUp Club, affiliated with Apollo's Lyre.
We are searching to publish:

AfterTwilight = needs to have dark/horror flash fiction

HeartBeat = romance flash fiction

Musings = travel articles

World's Apart = ideas on how to build your fictional worlds

Write Right = articles on the craft of writing

Up From Down Under = poetry (no more than 4 stanzas)  and flash fiction any genre

Mother Hen's Bin = anything you want

All articles are to be no more than 1000, Flash fiction to be no more than 500 words.
Check each Editors columns for their email adressess and place SUBMISSION in the subject heading. Please include a short bio and link within the body of your email followed with your submission. NO ATTACHMENTS!

After Twilight - Pacing Your Story
Editors - Christina Barber and Cindy Bergquist
Heart Beat -
Editor - Ann Durand
Editor - Lea Schizas
Musings - May 2006
Editor - Susan Stephenson
Editor - Charles Mossop
Editor - Shane Roe
Up From Down Under -  Let the Good Things Roll In!
Editor - Les Stephenson
Anticipation by Samantha Byrne -FLASH FICTION TALE
Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson - BOOK REVIEW