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March 2006 Contents



Lea's Tongue-Spill Corner:
Welcome to another wonderful month of The Muse Marquee, our very second issue since we decided to go FREE.
Can't you just smell spring around the corner?  Just the thought of the warm weather finally upon us makes me a bit crazy with anticipation. I always enjoy writing outside; the smell of freshly cut grass, the birds chirping, the smell of chlorine emanating from my pool inviting me in for a quick dip, all these things energizes my writing spirit. What about you, dear readers, what energizes your writing? Let me know and I'll post your emails in our MAILBOX next month.
I decided to go with 'Lea's Tongue-Spill Corner' this month for a reason. I wanted it to sound as though I was going to rant and rave about pet peeves, which I am. One in particular.
Agents. Ah, those creatures we love to hate almost as much as lawyers. Are they a necesary part in a writer's life? Some would say they are if you want to make it big, and others will claim they've done just great without one.
For me in particular, at this stage in my writing career, it will be an asset and for one reason: to get me working on my own stuff a bit more than helping other fellow writers only. Knowing I am committed to someone for their own monetary livelihood, will spur me on to find extra time to write. Now this doesn't sound much like a pet peeve you say, right? Well here it comes.
As some publishers want only exclusive subs to them so do some agents. Well, I sent several emails to various agents for representation. Rejected by a few so far, and that's fine, that's not what my pet peeve is all about. It's their response, "I am sorry but we are not taking any new clients at the time." Why do they need to make a writer wait around for several weeks if not months ( and some don't even have the decency to respond at all) where they could have easily placed a note on their website stating this.
If a writer goes by the rules, then they will be dead and buried before an acceptance comes around if they are not permitted to sub to more than one venue.
Yes, I'm a bit on the war path right now and stay tuned for more pet peeves coming your way in future issues.
I would love to hear your responses, whether agreeing with me or not, on some of your encounters with agents. I'll post your responses in a future issue on the Muse Marquee. Just send me an email to:  with AGENTS on the subject heading.  If you want to be named as ANONYMOUS, that's fine.
We have another great issue for you this month. So with no further delay, I give you our MARCH 2006 CONTENTS below.
Did you read a column this month and thought "Gee, I can offer some input to this subject, as well." Then I DARE YOU to send in your article to that Editor ASAP.
Or do you have a totally different article you would like to submit to The Muse Marquee. Well write it up, send it on down to either me or to the right Editor fitting in with your theme, and we'll go from there. We are not a paying venue but do offer a bio and link(s) to your site(s) to help build your writer's bio.

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"Every man has his follies -- and often they are the most interesting thing he has got."
- Josh Billings

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After Twilight - How to Build Your Monster
Editors - Christina Barber and Cindy Bergquist
Editor - Ann Durand
Mother Hen's Bin - Hurry and Move Your Butt
Editor - Lea Schizas
Editor - Susan Stephenson
Pencil Pals -  COMING SOON!
Editor - Robert Redmond
Editor - Charles Mossop
Editor - Shane Roe
Editor - Les Stephenson

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"Nobody ever went broke saving money."
- Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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