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Mother Hen's Bin - Editor - Lea Schizas
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When I first started writing seriously, I had researched and researched markets. My wish way back then was to have had a 'writing buddy' who would have made this part in my writing life a little easier.
With this in mind, I am dedicating this column to various links I have accumulated to hopefully make your writing life a bit easier.
When we begin as writers, our fluttering hearts anticipate our 'big' dreams to become a reality at some point in the near future. This is not a bad thing. The only 'bad' thing about this is the disappointment which follows when the 'big' truly is not as 'big' as you hoped for. What I mean is do dream, by all means, but be realistic. Writing one novel and then sitting back waiting for the money to pour in is just not realistic.
The few authors out there who were lucky (their writing was extremely stupendous, at the right place at the right time, or whether they know someone who knows someone) and had a 'hit' on their hands, these writers are the minority.
This pep talk is to grind in you that writing is a neverending love affair between you and your pen. Write one book, put the pen down, wait around for the agent...this is not how the game is played. Once you finish a book, send it off after the few hundred drafts, then immediately begin your next writing project. An agent/editor looks upon a writer with no future writing goals/projects unfavorably. They want to contract you with the hopes of more successful books to follow.
Well, that's about it for this pep talk. Don't forget to visit this link here and download a few free ebooks as a thank you for subscribing to the Muse Marquee:
There's a really neat Valentine's ebook to download and use all year round.
This link is a major help to all. It gives you hundreds of market links to browse. Some links may be dead but those are far and few.
The following markets accept submissions via snail mail.


Book Review Cafe

AllBook Reviews

The Muse Book Reviews


Some of the following markets offer no pay but a bio and link to your website. Some writers frown on this but let me tell you when you are first starting out or even established, never forget that it is your reader who has placed you at the stage of the game you are at now. Offering work for a bio and link is nothing to frown upon. This is another means to spread your good name and to allow a reader to get to know your style.

Coffee Cramp eZine

Apollo’s Lyre no pay bio and link

The Muse Marquee

BrainChild Magazine

Long Story Short

Building a website? Looking for some free clipart?


Stay tuned in every Mother Hen's Bin columns where I will be offering more links to targeted headings.
To finish off this month's column, here are a few prompts to muse your creative juices. Enjoy.
1- Harry looked at the sheet of paper in front of him. Glancing towards his wife, he said, "I can't believe this!"
2- Janet just knew this day was going to be different from the moment she woke up.
3- Dr. Marble wasn't one to fool around. However, here he was being blackmailed for something he didn't do.
4- The wind blew in, tossing the empty flower pots all over the veranda. Michelle couldn't have cared less.
Until next time, be well.